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Our Story

Face of Tibet is run by local couple, Namgyal and Dolma. We have both been tour guides since 2004. I, Namgyal, lead the tours, while my wife Dolma will help you to arrange everything prior to your arrival- from organizing your Tibetan permit, t planning the perfect trip according to your preferences. Being native Tibetans and experienced guides, we have a deep knowledge of Tibetan traditions, religion, culture and history. We also know the very best hotels for your needs and can arrange the perfect stay in Tibet, both in the cities and in the countryside, As a family agency, we are focusing on providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our customers in the small groups, rather than offering a higher quantity of groups simultaneously. All of our tours are out together based on your own personal interests( i.e. preferences for adventure and comfort level, trekking and cultural sights etc.)

We guarantee to be highly flexible, even for spontaneous changes (i.e. an earthquake in 2015 caused many tours to have to change their itineraries at short notice) in order to ensure our customers satisfaction. And we handle all of the organisation and bureaucratic criteria in order to get you your permit, so that you can focus on enjoying and exploring our country. We look forward to showing our beautiful Tibet, and sharing our knowledge of this magical country with you.

Our Values

My family goes back many generations in Lhasa. From childhood I had a strong interest Buddhist philosophy, and eventually studied for more than three years at Samye monastery. In 2003, I graduated from a four-year English language school and became a tour guide for visitors to Tibet. I knew then, I had found the perfect job.

I have a passion for sharing Tibetan culture and tradition with my clients from all parts of the world. After more than 10 years of guiding all kinds of trips and nationalities, I have developed good communication and problem-solving skills, and wilderness first aide. I always try to learn something new about my own culture, history or religion that I did not know before. Being a tour guide suits my natural curiosity. Whether in a teahouse in Lhasa or on a remote trek, I take the opportunity to listen to the stories of elders and other knowledgeable people.

In addition to traveling to every province in Tibet, I have done the Mount Kailash pilgrimage more than 60 times and the Ganden to Samye trek more than 25 times. I have held the National Guide License since 2007 and completed Wilderness Training First Aide in 2016.

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